No Grease! : Etude House Dr. Oil Solution Line Review

Hey guys! Since I have been using Etude House Dr. Oil Solution line so frequently these days, I thought that I might as well share my thoughts about it. I bought this a couple of months ago. The line claims to combat oil yet leave a dewy and healthy glow. I actually skipped the bb lotion so I have three products to review from the line for you guys, so let’s get started.

Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine Dual primer
This is a two-step moisture and pore coverage face primer and it claims that it promotes makeup ready complexion and eliminates oily shine.
Yes, it really does make your make up go on smoother and it sinks in to your skin fast.
But the problem is, that’s the light primer inside the tube only .

The part that I hate about it is the cream type one.
It is located at the cap and it is supposed to cover your pores or something. See, I have ginormous pores on and round my nose and this makes it freakin’ greasy! I also broke out after I used it. Will I repurchase this? Uhm, I don’t think so, well I kinda like the light base but I don’t completely recommend this product.

Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine Mist
This one is a portable oil-control mist, it claims that it supplies moisture and powder to subdue shine and preserve makeup integrity. I actually like this product.
What I do to apply this is after my skincare routine, I shake it to mix the powder with the liquid and hold it 6-8 inches away from my face and I spray this 3-4 times all over my face and let it dry out. Then I reapply this after I apply my liquid foundation or BB Cream. Lemme tell yah, after I spray this, my pores feel a little bit tightened which I was expecting.

Dr. Oil Solution Anti Shine Finishing Pact
The last but definitely not the least, is the finishing powder. It claims that it is an oil-absorbent pressed powder with a brightening and smooth finish to promote a moist, shine free expression throughout the day.
It’s the best product I have purchased in a very long time.
This pact has only one shade, fit for light to medium skin tones. It also has light to medium coverage, depending on what tool you will use to apply it.
This blends very well on my skin, at first it’s kinda lighter I dunno if it oxidizes too but after a couple of minutes it matches my skin tone.This helps me to be oil free for about 3 to 4 hours, depending on the humidity.
What I HATE about it is the pact is so small!
I placed it on my keyboard and it only occupied only the letters W,E,R, A,S,D,F, Z,X,C.

It looks like a sample size, I hope Etude House will release a bigger pact of this product.
I have been using the Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Foundation and Clear Smooth Medium Coverage Face Powder since high school but I really prefer this one. I definitely recommend this to everyone