Confectioner’s Kiss: DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

Hey guys!!! Do you always feel that irritating dry skin on your lips when applying your lipstick? Can you wear your matte lipsticks with those cracks on your lips? Sugar Lip Scrubs are really effective for that concern, but it tends to be expensive for it to be good quality. I’ve tried my fair share of lip scrubs from free to expensive. The cheap ones that I tried were a little bit of a fail for me, they tend to be really big grains that turn out to be really abrasive and the expensive ones like Sarah Happ and Lush’s are great but dang! too pricey. I tried many methods on doing my own lip scrubs and I finally figured out the perfect “formula” for it. I find this recipe to be similar as Lush’s but more moisturizing. I don’t wanna keep you waiting, so let’s go ahead and get into the tutorial.

Prep The Ingredients
I used one and a half dessert spoon of Caster Sugar. In confectionery talk, Caster is finer than regular sugar and grainier than confectioner’s sugar. If you can’t find it in your grocery store, just grind your regular sugar in your mortar and pestle because I find that regular sugar feels more abrasive than the ground one, I just chose this one because it’s easier.

Add a drizzle of honey. To get similar amount as mine, lazy people speaking, hold your CLEAN dessert spoon vertically then dip it to a bowl of honey you got from the bottle. In my case, I dipped it on the cover. Then drizzle it on your little bowl or container. IHaveNoMeasuringEquipments

Combine the Ingredients
Add Olive Oil to the Honey then, mix mix mix!! Olive oil contains vitamin E and helps in moisturization and shine of your lips. It also contains Hydroxytyrosol which is an antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage. It is also anti- inflammatory While Honey has endless benefits, it has anti-microbial properties, has the ability to retain moisture, natural antioxidant and many more

Add sugar to the mixture then mix it until it turns into a paste. The sugar will become the natural exfoliant for your lips.

Put it in a container
The consistency will be like this… I usually like it fresh where I just get a tiny tiny bit of sugar and eye the ratio of the oil and honey. But for those who are usually busy, just put this on a small glass container and store it in the fridge. I find that plastic containers dry up the product that’s why I recommend glass of just fresh!

And that’s it!! I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY lip scrub. And I have to say this, this lip scrub tastes freakin’ awesome!! If you have plans on doing this, please give me some news on the comments below! I missed you and I’ll talk to you guys very soon