You are Beautiful: Updated Skin Care Routine

Hey Guys!!! From the start, I have been struggling in finding a perfect skin care regimen to replace my old one because I’m afraid that my skin will get ¬†used to it and the whole thing. See, I have really sensitive skin. One wrong move or sudden change of routine and it’s breakout galore in no time. Last month, I noticed that my skin isn’t what it used to be. My skin is always red and it is more sensitive than usual.

My conclusion was my skin is getting used to my previous routine. So, when I ran out of my products (good thing I didn’t buy any back ups yet), I tried what my sister is currently using, Melaleuca’s Sei Bella Skin Care Line. What really caught my eye is the name.. Sei Bella means “You are beautiful” in Italian, which I think is so cute. I have been using this new routine for over a month and no break outs!! You must be bored of this long intro, so let’s go ahead and get started.