Iambabypanda’s Holiday Giveaway *CLOSED*

Hey guys!! Now I definitely know why people don’t go to sites where nothing exciting is going on. Even I don’t wanna go to my own site! It has been a very boring two months for me in terms of my “web life.” I feel that I always TRY to make up to you guys but I don’t meet my own expectations and makes me even more disappointed about myself. I know that I should learn to balance both of my worlds but I must admit that I maybe not mature enough to handle two worlds that I really adore. So if you guys would give me a chance, one last chance to prove to you that I could be better, I would try my best to not let you guys down again or even more so, let myself down again.

I honestly have been thinking of just waiting for my domain to expire and forget all about this “blogging shenanigans,” but when I read your kind messages, tweets, comments or emails, it makes me want to renew kekeke… No, I’m not a sociopath, it is not the flattery but the concept of trust and support from the people I don’t know personally is what keeps me going. I know that I’ve been really crappy this year but let’s make a pact…. I should at least have 4-5 blog posts a week and please remind me if I haven’t reached my quota yet ‘kay? You can tweet, Instagram, Facebook or Email just to remind me coz I think I need a little bit more push… LOL! So yeah… enough with the ramblings. Let me just show you the things that I was saving up for the last two months.

My Ate Jen (HS Friend) came home from the states and urged me to buy something from Sephora since the branch near them is closing and it had a massive sale…

So I decided to give a little luxurious Christmas gift to you guys