Iambabypanda Conquered: MAC Divine Night Event at Whitespace

Hey guys!! Last month I got this amazing opportunity to be invited at the MAC Divine Night Event to launch their holiday collection held at Whitespace, Makati. I actually have no clue how to get there so I rode a taxi at MOA. I noticed that the driver was heading towards a different route so I decided to put the matters on my hands. I opened my GPS and told him the directions coz were taking an hour to get to the venue and I’m getting so frustrated. Good thing the event was a lot of fun or else I would have stayed in a bad mood until I got home. So come with me as I go to the launch of MAC’s Holiday Collection, Divine Night.

When you enter the main venue, there is a huge stage where the models are showing off the beautiful shades of the collection. While everyone is busy taking pictures, cocktails and yummy hors d’oeuvres were offered left and right. I haven’t eaten then yet so I stopped after a glass coz I might cause a “Who’s banging on my door??!!” scene there kekekeke. Just kidding.

The program hasn’t started yet so I went to where the stars of the night are… Very pretty brushes! I wanted them all, I love love love the handles so much, very elegant looking. Sorry for the low quality photos. The lighting in the venue isn’t the brightest plus I need a better camera.

I was also mesmerized with the pigments and sets of this collection. Very festive if I should say.

MAC started the evening by announcing their P1 Million donation to UNICEF Philippines for Typhoon Yolanda victims. The funds came from MACs Global Aids Fund which is supported by
sales from Viva Glam. The event was hosted by Miss Maxene Magalona.

Dalal Mansour, Resident Trainer and Events Team Artist for MAC Australia, demonstrated a super quick makeup look on her model, Valerie. She created the look in quarter the time of my own makeup application LOL!

After the demo, there was a performance by the gorgeous and talented, Nikki Gil. She is hands-down one of my favorite TV personalities EVER! Also, in my humble opinion the most under rated star of her generation